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KingKongnet vendors quality of products

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In 2011, King Kong net just at the fair appearance, do diamond mesh factory is relatively small, the industry profit is more objective, give customers the price is relatively high, diamond network manufacturers generally take the best products to delivery to customers. And now, because of the diamond network industry threshold is relatively low, in recent years there are many small factories or small workshops type manufacturers to join the industry. And these new entrants into the diamond industry are not competitive, so they just cut prices, and when prices are low to a certain extent, they begin to lower the quality of their products so that they can take orders from customers.
And these small factories have also affected many old manufacturers, because they produce substandard products, so they can take orders at a very low price, resulting in the loss of old factory customers. And now because of the above, the small manufacturers of wire mesh net more and more, has gradually affected the entire industry, resulting in the industry's profits and product quality decline. I hope customers in the purchase of diamond net, must not just look at the price, product quality, specifications failed, manufacturers credibility should be compared, so as to purchase a good product.