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Future trends analysis of diamond networks

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Anping stainless steel diamond network experienced raw material market, wire netting machine production and processing, water spray online three industrial development has been the formation of a few years, the three processes are interdependent, ensure the national diamond net anti-theft screen Market demand.

Before 2014, the mainstream domestic market is Guangdong Foshan market, aluminum industry base diamond network is dependent on Foshan's huge geographical advantage, is the first in the domestic ah long popularized, and the rapid development of the national market, obvious signs in 2015, diamond network diversity in the year specifications, diversity of spray color, according to market needs at different levels and it came into being, diamond net market from low-end to high-end positioning requirements so that each in my diamond net miserable, the widespread market demand and fierce price war, the quality of products is poor without the bottom line formed a great contradiction.

Cable diameter diamond netting machine infinite reduced, and make the heavy products at the beginning of the birth of the "useless" embarrassing situation, and this situation led to the light of the loom, loom up market demand.

But now the transformation of D loom has replaced light loom situation, this will result in nearly two years of operation in light loom businesses and the production of D loom keep going by painstaking effort, the diamond processing network but also lost the concept of high-grade diamond net ".

We conclude that the diamond market network due to the limitation of the loom performance will net diamond market differentiation into two extremes: to light loom for the high-end market size more than 0.5mm and D in leading silk loom as the leading market inferior and inferior, the market will linger, the price advantage is after all, but the pursuit of good people what is the law of development of things.