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Wire Mesh Fence

上海Euro Fence

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Holland net is also called "wave net" and "wave fence". Aka in highway drawings: plastic welding net
Texture of material
Low carbon steel wire, aluminium magnesium alloy wire.
surface treatment
Hot galvanizing, cold galvanizing, spray coating, hot dip molding etc.. The surface color is usually green, in harmony with the environment.
Choose Q235 material, iron wire welding, iron wire after vulcanization treatment surface, and then PVC or PE, PP powder coating its surface, with strong adhesion, good corrosion resistance, bright color and so on.
Manufacturing process
The wire coated after welding can also separate electroplating, hot plating and spray.
Holland net has good corrosion resistance, anti-aging and elegant appearance. Easy and quick installation. The utility model can be widely used in industries such as industry, agriculture, municipal affairs, transportation, etc. in fencing, decoration, protection, etc.. The utility model has the advantages of good filtering precision, high load intensity, low cost and simple installation.

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