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Wire Mesh Series

上海Welded Wire Mesh & Pannel

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Welded Wire Mesh & Pannel is defined as a high quality low carbon steel wire after straightening cut-off by welding equipment and welding, welded wire mesh is widely used because it has the advantages of simple structure, fast production, beautiful and practical, convenient transportation and other advantages. Mainly used in supermarket shelves, construction, network reinforcement, breeding, breeding and so on.

Welded Wire Mesh & Pannel is a kind of low carbon steel wire welded row into high quality Q195, and then cold plating (electroplating), hot plating, PVC coated surface passivation, plastics processing, smooth surface, uniform mesh, strong joints, local machine good processability, stability, corrosion, corrosion resistance of grid shaped wire mesh products. After the welding mesh is formed, zinc (electroplating or hot plating) is adopted. The product is made of high quality galvanized iron wire and welded by precise automatic mechanical welding. Has the characteristics of reasonable structure, strong joints, uniform mesh, smooth surface, strong structure, strong integrity, strong corrosion resistance can also be used for special mesh construction of floor heating. Now widely used in many areas of the country.

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