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上海Barbed Wire

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The barbed wire is made up of a fully automatic barbed wire machine. Folk known as barbed wire, barbed wire, barbed wire. Types of finished products: single filament twisting and double filament twisting. Raw material: high quality low carbon steel wire. Surface treatment: electric galvanized, hot galvanized, plastic, plastic. There are blue, green, yellow and other colors. Usage: used for grassland border, railway, highway isolation protection, etc..
The barbed wire is a protective screen made of barbed wire by winding the barbed wire onto the main yarn (strands) and through a variety of knitting processes.
Three kinds of wire ropes are twisted, screwed and screwed.
It is the wire twisting method: two or more wire twisted double strand wire rope and then wrapped in barbed wire double stranded wire.
Anti twisting method: first is in the main wire winding wire (i.e. single wire) after adding a wire and twist plait ply into double stranded barbed wire.
Method: positive and negative twist is the main place to the barbed wire winding wire in the opposite direction screw series. Not twisted in one direction.

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