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Wire Mesh Series

上海Security Window Screen

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Security Window Screen is made of stainless steel wire. The surface is protected by electrostatic spraying. It has high anti rust and anti destruction ability. After checking, it has 2.148 tons of anti strike capability, and it has good resistance to shearing and destruction.
The condition of the net is iron like, hard and impact resistant, and this is the remarkable characteristic of our products.
Very light transmittance: from the inside out, the high definition, blurred from the outside view, you can create a safe and comfortable private space, while blocking mosquitoes into the room,
It is the first choice for warm, safe, burglarproof and bulletproof in living room and office.
Transparent without vertigo, indoor to outdoor, such as a layer of colored glass transparent, outdoor to indoor to see hazy, blurred.
Effects: Super shock resistance, anti theft, bulletproof, mosquito and so on. Product features: smooth surface, mesh standard, longitude bending agreement,
Its remarkable characteristic is as hard as iron hard, is the preferred option for anti theft, bullet proof, home office security.
Product features:
The diamond net is a new type of high-end household on the market. It is suitable for assembling new and high-end doors and windows. It meets the needs of middle and high end customers.
The utility model can not only play the role of preventing insects, but also play the role of anti-theft, and does not affect the appearance.
Screen impressions: transparent, no vertigo, indoor to outdoor, such as a layer of colored glass, brightly lit, outdoor to indoor to see, is blurred, vaguely clear.
Steel net has good hardness, because of high strength, so whether it is fixed on the wall, perhaps form, have a good enough acceptance, not afraid of outsiders invasion.
High quality mesh is handled by electrophoretic paint, without fear of moisture, sun, or harsh erosion.
Because it is criss crossing structure and line diameter is also 0.8mm, not only can prevent mosquitoes, but also strengthen the anti-theft effect.
With high-quality locks and accessories to match, raised the anti-theft door and window features superior quality assurance.
With this anti-theft doors and windows, so that your home on the one hand in ventilation, ventilation, no mosquitoes, there is a guarantee that thieves can not enter.
The use of our network of doors and windows as the high-end products in the market today, popular with people, and the market prospect is very broad.

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